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Employee Benefit Considerations for the Non-Profit Industry

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When budgets are restricted and/or unpredictable, how can non-profit organizations build a talented workforce?

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The good news is that a satisfied and content workforce is not completely dependent on huge salaries; a great benefits plan can go a long way in this regard. Balancing what is practical for the organization with what is valued by employees will help ensure non-profits obtain and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to hiring.

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In this guide you will learn

  • Recruitment and retention issues specific to non-profits
  • The non-profit employee turn-over challenge
  • Other challenges particularly unique to non-profits including community perception, board policies, diverse workforces and more
  • Proven strategies for turning challenges into opportunities
  • Suggestions for creative plan design
  • Recommendations to add value thru additional lines of coverage
Employee Benefits for the Non-Profit Industry