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Employee Benefits Broker, Advisor, Consultant
Some people refer to us as an employee benefits broker, or an employee benefits advisor, but our goal is to be considered an invaluable employee benefits consultant to our clients.



Our mission is to deliver tailored benefit solutions through fact-based strategic planning, insightful and actionable analytics and leading-edge technology solutions to deliver outstanding employee benefit packages while simultaneously driving both immediate and sustained profitability protection and maximization of shareholder value for our clients.

We are a privately held, debt-free, national employee benefits consulting firm. We specialize in the design, implementation, and management of complex multi-site, multi-state employee benefit programs.

We work with a diverse set of clients, which span 47 states as well as the District of Columbia. Our clients range in size from 25 to 30,000+ employees. The majority of our clients are geographically dispersed with varied compensation tiers, diverse demographics, multicultural talent pools, bilingual language requirements, and unique funding arrangements. As you might imagine, each client has somewhat unique benefit objectives.

Founded in 2010 by a 25 year veteran of the employee benefits industry, the JP Griffin Group was established to specifically address aspects of the field of employee benefits which we felt were being tremendously under-served.

These included; putting employer interests first, providing compliance support commensurate with the growing complexity of the U.S. healthcare system, and approaching cost containment as a continuous and sustainable effort to “bend the cost curve” vs. simply an annual opportunity to negotiate for lower rates.

Managing employee benefits is not simply an annual activity centered around renewal season; it’s a year-round, on-going effort whereby every action lends itself to in-year cost savings and improvements in patient outcomes, as well as improved rate negotiations at the appropriate time.

As a privately-held company, one of our prime advantages is our nimbleness; we are not required to constantly seek board or shareholder approval, and can therefore adapt quickly to unexpected market changes (to which there are many - brought about most recently by the Affordable Care Act). This brings a great deal of flexibility to our relationships and ensures our focus remains on our partner’s business goals and not those of a board or shareholders.

We consider our organization to be an extension of your employee benefits team, providing continuous focus on cost containment, customer service, communication, compliance, and wellness. We know and understand that healthcare strategies, which affect change, are critical to any organization, especially as trends evolve in our industry. Controlling costs, recruiting, retaining the best employees, and improving the lives of our customer’s employees and dependents are vital to achieving success.

Our holistic approach takes into consideration all the basic elements that impact plan performance including plan design, contributions, health care financing, clinical intervention, disease management, wellness and vendor/partner selection. We do this within the ever-changing landscape of healthcare reform. Our strategies address plan design, benefit plan consumers, employee and dependent behaviors, and ultimately plan costs. In addition, we take a long-term view of the changing dynamics in the marketplace; identify emerging costs drivers as well as savings opportunities.

Our team will constantly communicate new ideas and innovations to the overall benefit package while working as a partner with your team to develop short and long-term goals that have strategic impact on both employee lives and the profitability of the company.

As an innovative and strategic business partner, the JP Griffin Group is committed to providing lasting strategic solutions which compliment your company culture and are in alignment with your company's performance objectives.

We see our role as one of an innovator, a benchmarking and best-practices advocate, a sounding board, and even a provocateur. We like to challenge current thinking, where necessary, but do so in a diplomatic fashion, in an effort to bring about relevant evolution and sometimes even revolution of approach, where warranted. At the end of the day, we aim to be your trusted advocate in the marketplace and have an insatiable drive to land the right solutions for our partners and their people.

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