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We provide end-to-end support and coordination of wellness activities specifically tailored to population health data, program objectives and key cost drivers


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The amount of time and effort devoted to wellness is almost always directly proportional to the degree of success and savings enjoyed. Wellness is an activity that demands a conscientious and sustained effort from client, carrier and broker.

It’s been our experience that “best-in-class” wellness programs start with concrete goals and objectives. For some of our clients, wellness is about improving the health and well-being of employees and their families, including not only physical considerations, but also those of emotional and financial consequences.

For other clients, wellness primarily serves as a means by which morale and workforce camaraderie can be improved. And still for others, wellness is all about cost containment. No matter the driving force, wellness programs should ideally be based on population analytics, employee education, team building activities and incentives to motivate positive behaviors.

Where cost containment is concerned, aligning wellness initiatives around root cause and ROI is critical to the program’s success. In fact, a comprehensive, multi-year wellness program is an employer’s best defense against medical trend.

We subscribe to a focus on early detection and prevention as the best recipe for wellness success, bar none, followed-on by targeted disease management which has documented returns in the 7:1 range.

Where we differ from most, however, is in the notion that wellness initiatives should focus primarily on lifestyle and behavior modification. Studies have shown only a 1:1 return in these areas, which indicates to us that focusing on behavioral modification at the expense of other areas is ill-conceived, outdated, and almost always fails to live up to expectations.

As your trusted benefit advisor, we’ll provide end-to-end support and coordination of wellness activities, as well as tools and innovations to work in concert with the overall objectives of your benefits program. It’s our role to assist our clients in developing long-term wellness campaigns for optimal impact.

We work closely with our actuarial and underwriting teams, as well as with our carrier partners, to develop cost effective wellness initiatives that are specifically tailored to our clients’ employee populations and specific health issues, as reflected in a detailed “drill-down” analysis of claims and demographic information. Generic, cookie-cutter and off-the-shelf wellness programs simply do not work. Wellness must be hand tailored for significant and meaningful value extraction.

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