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At JP Griffin Group, we believe every season is the season of giving, and feel strongly about giving back to our community.

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At JP Griffin Group, we believe every season is the season of giving, and have dedicated ourselves to giving back to our Arizona community since our founding in 2010.

Of the myriad of causes we support, we are particularly passionate about helping the underprivileged youth within our community. In addition to supporting expanded access to adequate and critical health care, we also lend our assistance in other areas of need amongst the youth in our community; when presents are in short supply for under the Christmas tree, when college seems out of reach, or when a once in a lifetime wish just needs to be granted for someone dealing with what seems like insurmountable challenges.

While many of our philanthropic efforts come by way of monetary contributions or direction and application of our collective manpower towards a worthy cause, quite often these efforts are also supplemented through the assistance of our wonderful industry partners.

Here are just three of the ways we collaborate with our industry partners to improve access to healthcare for the underprivileged in our community:

VSP Global
We partner with VSP Global and their mobile eye care clinics to conduct onsite eye exams and provide glasses to those who need them.

The Delta Dental Bus
We partner with Delta Delta and their mobile care bus to provide dental exams and routine dental procedures to those who often don't have access to care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Mobile Clinic
We partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to deploy their mobile clinic in areas where onsite biometrics and physical exams can benefit those in need.

In addition to supporting our own philanthropic initiatives, we also direct a portion of our community investment dollars (and donate our time) towards causes "near and dear" to our clients’ hearts.  Sometimes this support also takes the form of coordinating efforts within the community and/or aligning vendor capabilities and resources with our clients’ desires serve others.

Interesting in partnering with JP Griffin on a cause you care about? Email us at info@griffinbenefits.com.


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