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We stack each of our accounts with a highly skilled, cross-functional team of high performance, subject-matter experts spanning each of our core areas of expertise



When people in our industry talk about their greatest point of differentiation, they inevitably say “our people”, but what they fail to say is that usually means “our person”, meaning the one individual who will be assigned to your account to serve as the “jack-of-all-trades”.

So when we say that “our people” are our greatest point of differentiation, we really do mean it in the plural sense. We’ll stack your account with a highly skilled, cross-functional team of subject-matter experts in each of our core areas of expertise.

  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Communications & Engagement
  • Compliance
  • Cost Containment
  • Engagement
  • Wellness


Why This Matters

Prospective clients often ask us why they should care that we have a Medical Director on staff. We often get asked the same about our on-staff Underwriter and on-staff Technology & Communications Director. You simply won’t find these positions at another broker of our size, and here’s why this matters so much.

Let’s just take the case of our on-staff Medical Director. Having a Medical Director on staff is one of the very best ways to “bend the cost curve” and counter growing expense trends. Our Medical Director:

  • Allows underwriters and actuaries to sharpen their pencils: She provides clinical analysis of claims’ history and rate assumptions, resulting in lower renewal rates.
  • Tracks and manages high dollar claimants: 1% of the insured population incurs 40-50% of the total healthcare spend. She creates monitoring reports, looks for opportunities for negotiation, and constantly looks to promote effective case management.
  • Champions better reporting: She assists in the development and implementation of improved data analysis; from independent data platforms, pharmacy benefit managers and carriers.
  • Promotes best care: She works with health plan and employer groups so that members receive the best care, at the right facility, from the top clinicians, at the most appropriate levels.
  • Brings focuses to wellness programs: She counsels employer plans regarding the most cost effective wellness initiatives; initiatives that have same plan year ROI.
  • Looks for opportunities to improve benefits: By monitoring the medical market place and by reviewing claims data trends, she identifies adjustments that can be made to counter trend.
  • Monitors drugs: She pours over our Clients’ pharmacy and specialty drug data and advocates for best pharmaceutical management practices and most favorable financial terms with pharmacy benefit managers.

As you can see, the value we extract on the behalf of our clients by having a Medical Director on staff simply isn’t achievable through any other means nor any other staffing model.

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