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We specialize in human behavioral insights, social sciences, and behavioral economics. We promote evidence-based best practices to heighten employee engagement



It should come as no surprise that retaining existing, skilled employees is often a company’s best option for taming staffing costs. One of the best ways to build loyalty and reduce turnover is to implement cultural practices that engender positive employee engagement.

To be clear, employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to a company, and ultimately give their best each and every day in the form of complete focus and discretionary effort.

As benefit advisors who specialize in human behavioral insights, social sciences and behavioral economics, we promote evidence-based practices and solutions to heighten employee engagement.

A small sampling of these services and solutions include:

  • Alignment of financial (or other) behavioral incentives/penalties to motivate positive behaviors
  • Utilization of unique communication styles and mediums to reach both the technically-challenged as well as the digitally native
  • Utilization of unique communication styles and mediums to reach multi-cultural, multi-generation and geo-graphically dispersed workforces
  • Deployment of disruptive and attention-grabbing presentation techniques to more fully engage audiences
  • Design of inviting yet comprehensive benefit collateral with aesthetically-pleasing layouts and easy-to-read copy
  • The use metaphors, analogies and rich examples to aid in the understanding on complex benefit topics
  • Deployment of decision tools and side-by-side comparisons to aid in the decision making/benefit selection process
  • Localization of wellness content to improve “actionability”
  • The use of various surveying mechanisms to solicit employee feedback while garnering appreciation for limited resources

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