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Our workforce communications expertise is designed for maximum impact, reaching diverse multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and geographically dispersed workforces



Our best-in-class communication services include year-round benefit communication campaigns both large and small. We typically start communication planning by jointly creating an annual communications calendar with our clients.

We’ll then provide attention-grabbing, breakthrough communication materials, in multiple formats and mediums, to drive the benefits strategy. These efforts almost always include a robust, multi-faceted open enrollment campaign designed to reach diverse multi-generational, multi-cultural, and geographically dispersed workforces. All of our materials can be produced and presented in both English and Spanish

Our on-going employee education and wellness campaigns are always more effective when we allow claims analysis and population analytics to drive the communication calendar. For example, if a client is experiencing higher than average ER visits, or has a workforce over-indexing on obesity and diabetes, we’ll tailor a portion of the communications calendar to target these issues. Furthermore, we’ll do so in a highly localized fashion so as to incite desired actions on the part of the intended audience.

All design, layout, copywriting, printing, shipping and distribution of communication materials are 100% covered as part of our standard services, meaning we will never assess additional charges to perform any of this work.

All campaign thematics, concept ideation and copywriting is performed in-house by a team of talented marketing and corporate communications professions with over 60 years of collective experience in the creative arts.

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