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Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson

Nathan Anderson brings a unique blend of economics and legal expertise to HUB International. As a seasoned attorney, he adeptly guided businesses through a spectrum of legal challenges, spanning from employment issues to corporate matters. Nathan's proficiency lies in efficiently resolving these complexities, enabling businesses to navigate regulatory landscapes with ease. With a seamless fusion of his legal background and economic acumen, Nathan shifted his focus to the retirement industry. Here he leverages his dual expertise to assist clients in proactively avoiding potential issues and finding pragmatic solutions when challenges arise. Nathan's passion for helping clients on their journey toward retirement is evident in his hands-on approach to delving into the intricacies of investment options and retirement plans. By providing valuable insights, he empowers employers to make informed decisions that align with their financial goals. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nathan finds joy in activities like mountain biking, fishing, and cheering on the Phoenix Suns. His multifaceted background and commitment to client success make Nathan Anderson a valuable asset to HUB International.

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How Retirement Plan Vesting Schedules Can Improve Employee Retention

Nate Anderson

Are you looking to engage and retain your employees for longer? You’re not alone. In the current post-pandemic environment, companies are looking at every possible way to engage and retain employees longer. This applies most especially to hybrid or remote-based professionals.

A recent study found that turnover at small to midsize companies is significant, with a 25% chance of an employee leaving a company voluntarily or involuntarily before 15 months, and a 50% chance before 37 months. 

Used effectively, the vesting schedules in your retirement plans (401k, 403b, deferred compensation, and 457, to name a few) can be an excellent tool employers can use to improve employee retention.

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Topics: Employee Retention, Retirement Planning, 401(k)s

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