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Props 205 and 206: 2 Ballot Propositions That Impact Arizona Employers

David Rook

The upcoming election is just days away and includes Propositions 205 and 206 in Arizona, which places company benefits front and center in the minds of employers- accompanied by a collective sigh.

A quick review of what’s at stake in terms of considerations for Arizona employers reveals that questions are more prevalent than answers, especially regarding Proposition 205.

To place employers' questions in their strategic context, here is a framework in which to consider what to do:

  • Consider the role your employees play in giving your enterprise a competitive edge. Benefits plans and policies are key employee attraction and retention tools, as savvy CEOs know.
  • Consider that your benefits plans and policies can work to keep your workforce healthy and productive. It doesn’t end there: when the families of your employees are healthier, your employees remain more productive too.
  • The right benefits policies strategically aligned to your workforce are likely to increase your employees’ engagement with their jobs—which leads to happier, more productive employees who are eager to pitch in outside their job descriptions.
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